Admin actions

Things that can / should be done by the administrator are kept here, so that we don’t forget how to do them when they have to be done again.

Adding users

Instead of the default adduser (and low-level useradd) it is preferred to use the /root/scripts/ script contributed by P. Redel. In addition to wrapping around useradd it takes care of other things like setting up samba. Usage:

./ USERNAME* - the password will be generated automatically
./ USERNAME* PASSWORD - password in unencrypted form (avoid special characters)

For usernames, we try to keep the convention of using first letter of name followed by surname (eg. jsmith).


Ubuntu uses the update-motd framework to assemble the Message Of The Day (text that gets displayed upon login). In short: executable scripts are kept in /etc/update-motd.d/*.

Of those files, 50-motd-news is particularly notable. It uses a configuration file, /etc/default/motd-news. From there, the news can be enabled/disabled (by setting ENABLED to 1 or 0), and their source can be configured. By default, it uses, but other services can be added.

I added a login banner (99-banner-lobi) and disabled the display of the news.

Other scripts may be disabled by unsetting the -x permission.